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Domestic Violence Rights of Victims in New Jersey

You have the right to go to Court to get an order called a temporary restraining order (T.R.O.) which may protect you from more abuse by your attacker. The Officer who assists you with this information can tell you how to get a T.R.O.

The kinds of things a Judge can order in a T.R.O. may include:
  • that your attacker is temporarily forbidden from coming into the home you live in;
  • that your attacker is temporarily forbidden from having contact with you and/or your relatives;
  • that your attacker is temporarily forbidden from bothering you at work;
  • that your attacker has to pay temporary child support or support for you;
  • that you be given temporary custody of your children;
  • that your attacker pay you back any money you have to spend for medical treatment or repairs because of the violence;
  • There are other things the Court can order. The Court Clerk will explain the procedure to you and help you fill out the papers for a T.R.O. On weekends, holidays and others times when the Court is closed, you still have to right to get a T.R.O. The police officer who gives you this information can help you get in touch with a Judge who can give you a T.R.O.
  • You also have the right to file a criminal complaint against your attacker. The police officer will tell you how to file a criminal complaint.
If you need assistance:

For emergency shelter, counseling or referrals, call the domestic violence shelter in your County. You may also call the County Office of Victim-Witness advocacy. You may obtain information on lawyer referral by calling the local county Bar Association.