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Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
Despite its legality in the United States, irresponsible use of alcohol still has the potential to lead to alcohol abuse. If a person experiences cravings for alcohol and cannot stop consuming it, they are likely experiencing alcohol addiction, otherwise known as alcoholism. Alcoholism is a medical disorder. Fortunately, drug addiction rehab is proven to treat it effectively.
AlcoholRehab Help
You donít have to overcome your addiction alone. Professional guidance and support is available. Begin a life of recovery by reaching out to a specialist
American Police Hall of Fame
This site contains historical and memorial information for law enforcement officers, special exhibits, scholarship and national program information, and a gift shop!
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement
A non-profit organization that provides educational, legal, and professional services to the nation's law enforcement community. Includes an extensive law library.
Billed as "The Ultimate Resource for Law Enforcement Professionals." This site has public information as well as private LEO only message boards and chat areas.
Criminal Justice Directory
Hundreds of listings and hyperlinks to criminal justice related websites. Includes a listing of groups and agencies from the local to international level
Fugitive Watch Web Site
Names and photographs of numerous fugitives who have committed everything from murder to burglary to child abuse. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.
Kenilworth Borough
The Website for the township.
Law Enforcement Agencies on the Web
A complete (and regularly updated) listing of police agencies on the internet. It includes hyperlinks to municipal, county, state, and campus agencies.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
The national MADD web site offers a wealth of information about alcohol, drunk driving, and underage drinking. It also includes numerous statistics and facts concerning alcohol related traffic deaths and drunk driving enforcement.
National Center For Missing & Exploited Children
This worthwhile site offers a database of missing children, information on how you can help, a calendar of events, and numerous success stories.
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
The Memorial in Washington D.C. honors law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Be sure to search for fallen officer Robert F. Hand while you are there. This organization relies on public donations!
The National Criminal Justice Reference Service is the largest criminal justice information network in the world! Specialized clearinghouses offer reference, referral and information distribution services.
Online Ticket Payment
Pay your ticketonline.
Police Car Web Site
`A very comprehensive site dedicated to photos and descriptions of various state, municipal and international police cars.
This site has links to local and international law enforcement agencies, wanted person web sites, police TV shows and retailers, memorials, and lots more!
State of New Jersey Home Page
These web pages offer a wealth on information about New Jersey and about the executive branch of the state government. It also includes press releases from the Governor.
You want to keep your home and family safe, and sometimes that's a challenge. But StaySafe.org is here to help minimize the risks we all face. Whether you're taking care of young children, teens, or seniors--or just taking care of yourself and your home--they've got answers.
Union County (NJ) Police
The home page of the Union County (NJ) Police. This site contains information about county law enforcement services and has links to a wealth of information for residents of Union County!